Below are just a few testimonials from my actual homeowners over the past 19 years, as we don’t write fake testimonials . A positive build experience is the most important aspect of my business. If you would like additional references or references from these testimonials just ask.
Tim Doreen built my house exactly the way I wanted it. It is very well built and beautiful! The process was full of potholes with the pandemic, but Tim navigated the problems well and kept me informed. He was very easy to reach and very responsive. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you Tim!
Shirley - 2021

We received Tim’s name from a longtime friend of ours. Our year long search of the right home just wasn’t happening, so we decided to take the plunge. After our first conversation with Tim, things came together nicely. The planning process was spot on, and communication throughout the process was fluid and open. Although decisions were tough at times, and deadlines tight, everything came together perfectly at the end of the day. The home is beautiful and we got exactly what we asked for. Special thanks to Tim and Mike at SMB. Job well done. Sam & Alysha Watters
Sam Watters - Frederick, MD (2018)

We initially were looking to buy an existing craftsman home, but realized that nothing on the market remotely matched our requirements. We were drawn to a beautiful 2 acre property in Frederick County, MD and had South Mountain Builders build our fully custom dream home on it. The finished product exceeds our expectations and is an embodiment of the idea of “bringing a design to life.” SMB hires excellent tradesmen, and manages crews and schedules very effectively, which allowed them to finish our 3500 sq ft home in under five months. SMB is a true custom builder and worked in numerous finish details and design intricacies that would never even be on an options list for the big-name builders. We also feel strongly that we received good value for our money.

We worked extensively with the owner Tim and his foreman Mike. Both were always available to talk or meet us at the property throughout the building process. They were very accommodating of our (numerous) change requests, and made the process very interactive and easy.

In addition, a more personal note regarding Tim. He is a man of honesty, integrity, and action; we are grateful to have had him as our builder. He truly cares about his customers, and has continued to be in touch even after the completion of our home.

Jim and Krisy Peyton - Frederick, MD (2018)

Dear Tim,

My wife Kris and I would like to thank your team, your family and especially you personally for building our house. As it has been 10 months since we moved in, I can tell you that we have enjoyed every day of living in the home that you built.

As an award winning architect who has been working in Frederick County for over 30 years, I had the opportunity to have any builder build my home. My wife and I are certain after being here for 10 months that we absolutely made the right choice by having South Mountain Builders as our “home” builder.

Introducing my wife to multiple builders was an important aspect of the process. While visiting the homes that you had under construction we were impressed with the care that was taken in building those homes. The simple things that separated South Mountain Builders from other builders was the level of professionalism. The job sites were always clean, free of debris and kept in a manner similar to the way you would keep it yourself. That certainly shows respect for the homeowner, the process as well as the team that is building the home. Quality subcontractors, materials and suppliers were all integral parts of the team. The fact that you brought your family out to see the house shows there is pride in the building you do. Those are qualities that I see absent from job sites on a daily basis.

What impressed me the most in the process was the “building system” you have. Most builders have a spread sheet and calendar. Their allowances are based upon previous homes and 6 to 8 months later you move in with lots of cost overages. As you are aware, we priced out our allowances with your suppliers prior to signing the contract. Your numbers were spot on. You took the time to listen to what we wanted and provided us with allowances to get exactly what we wanted – at no additional cost. You provided us with an on-line calendar that was updated weekly and delivered our home in 3 ½ months! Your team was able to get us into our house on the day you told us when we started. Include the fact that date was the week before Thanksgiving and the word unbelievable comes to mind. Having the holidays in the new house was incredible.

We love our home and have you to thank for it.

Roger L - Frederick, MD (2018)

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your assistance on getting our roof fixed. It has only been 2 days since we contacted you about the shingles blowing off and to our surprise the situation has already been resolved and fixed just in time to bear a large storm coming this weekend. The immediate attention and expedited priority you placed on the issues truly shows your professionalism and ongoing concern for your customer after the contract was complete. Thank you both for all of your help on this issue and for getting it resolved so quickly.
Damian and Tori- Hagerstown, MD (2006)

I wanted to write to thank you for building my new dream home. This was a unique project, building upon the strengths of the acreage on which it was located, and reflecting my philosophy of blending home with nature. Your management of the project was outstanding. Despite almost constant weather obstacles, you completed the house ahead of schedule. Sub-contractors were right on task at every phase of the building process; and your constant supervision of the work progress helped to ensure that each step was accomplished accurately and competently. I am now enjoying living in a home I have dreamed of for 26 years. Thanks for helping to make a dream come true.
Peggy T- Boonsboro, MD (2006)

We are writing this letter to express our thanks to you. The process of building our home has been extremely pleasant. As a first time homebuilder, we were uncertain about the process. From the beginning and throughout the entire process, you have each been accessible and very willing to answer all of our questions and provide options where you saw potential issues. The result is a house that is exactly how we envisioned it would be. During the construction phases, you achieved all of the goals on or before their deadline, including the delivery date. We were very pleased to be able to move in (5) months from the start date after we were told it would be between 5 and 6 months to complete the house. We were also impressed that for the few times corrections needed to be made during construction, they were fixed right away, without us first mentioning it. We are very pleased with the high quality of the finished product. Additionally, we are very pleased that the price you quoted covered everything we had discussed, with no hidden charges. For the few changes that we made to the plans, the changes orders were carried out swiftly and for a reasonable price.
Danny and Nancy - Frederick, MD (2005)

We had been looking for just the right home for 8 months and that’s when my husband and I found our home through an online search. The pictures we saw did not do it justice, it wasn’t until we toured it that we literally fell in love. On top of that we had the pleasure of working with Tim Doreen, owner of South Mountain Builders. Tim was nothing but gracious and professional with us. We had a few things in the home that needed to be touch up and Tim took care of all them, no questions asked. Before we closed on the home, Tim sent a personal email to share all of the important town information and offered any additional assistance.

About a week after we closed on the home, Tim came to visit us and see how we were settling in. We were blown away. He continued from that point to stay connected and answer any and all of our questions. If there was an issue, it was resolved in less than 24 hours, with a follow up from Tim.

Not only do we love our home but the service we have received during this major transition was incredible. We cannot thank South Mountain Builders enough. If we ever make another move, we hope it is to another home by Tim Doreen.

Reggie and Jennifer B- Middletown, MD (2016)

When we were shopping for a new house this past year, we kept coming back to the house on Beaver Creek while it was being built. We would watch it almost every week trying to decide whether we could afford it. We met with Tim, South Mountain Builders, and it was a done deal. South Mountain Builders completed the house in 3 months after we were interested. Jeff and I love the layout of the house.

South Mountain Builder’s worked fast and efficiently to get the house complete. The craftsmanship is excellent. It shows in the way the house is put together and it has a warm welcoming feel to it. We loved how we were a part of the building process and unlike other builders we were able to personalize our home. It was fun being part of the decision making and it’s a great feeling to know you have someone who cares.

Jeff and I could not be happier with our new home.

Jeff and Monica H - Hagerstown, MD (2017)

I had spent months, and I mean months, viewing homes online, and in person – looking for the right combination of house and land. One of my main concerns was getting the ‘old-school’ quality with modern finish and feel. I found both with my house built by South Mountain Builders.

I did not have the opportunity to meet the owner of South Mountain Builders, Tim Doreen, until the close on this house. He was extremely welcoming and friendly, offering a level of customer service that you just don’t see much anymore. His commitment to the quality of the homes that he has built was definitely visible and later proven. I have not had to reach out to him a lot – but he has been there each and every time.

Tim just sold the house in the lot next to ours and began another in our area – he has stopped by each time to let me know that the work is beginning and kept me posted on move-in dates for my new neighbors. His company is one that I would work with again.

Diana M - Hagerstown, MD (2017)

South Mountain Builders has been a pleasure to work with in building our dream home. Tim met with us early in the building process to set expectations, and he continued to meet with us over the next several months to ensure our satisfaction, address any concerns, and offer advice. Tim was very responsive when we had questions or second guessed a design element in a moment of doubt. We frequently visited our home while it was under construction and often times Tim was already there, checking in on the progress and taking note of any issues that needed to be addressed. He helped us work through any challenges while still maintaining the schedule. We especially appreciate that Tim has followed up with us since moving into our home to ensure we’re truly satisfied.

I strongly recommend South Mountain Builders to anyone looking to build a unique, custom home. We’re thankful that we chose someone as honest and reliable as Tim to build our family’s dream home.

Matt and Mellissa B - Middletown, MD (2017)

Just wanted to say how much we love our South Mountain Builders Home. The craftsmanship is incredible! Everything they do is high end and very well thought out. Tim, the owner has been so easy to deal with and very responsive! We can’t wait to enjoy our new home for years to come!
Tyler H – Braddock Heights, MD (2017)

With all due respect to the Construction Profession, most of us have dealt with a less than perfect experience when it comes to having something built or even a remodeling experience. That will not be the case with South Mountain Builders. Tim Doreen is a total professional….from the initial contact to the final walk through.

Specifically, these are the things we experienced. Tim listened to what we wanted and then took the time to properly estimate the cost of our building project. The proposal was professionally prepared and very detailed as to our requests. Tim then posted a calendar on-line as to what would happen and when it would happen. And wonder of wonders, each phase of the construction process occurred as per the schedule. Amazing!…I’ve never seen that before. Tim visited our job site often and always showed up with each new subcontractor to assure that the subcontractor knew what had to be done and was doing his job properly. The entire project from breaking ground to planting grass went exactly as planned.

I highly recommend Tim and South Mountain Builders….This is the way a construction company should be run. Other contractors should be taking lessons from Tim. Thanks again Tim, we really appreciate what you did.

Jim and Renee H – Walkersville, MD (2017)

We spent 2 years going to model homes and open houses, trying to figure out what style house we wanted and what amenities we wanted within our new home.  When we finally came to the decision to build our own home we had no clue what to do or where to start.  Tim Doreen, with South Mountain Builders walked us through the entire process from start to finish and made everything seem so easy.

Once ground was broken, Tim met with us on a regular basis and called in-between to keep us updated on the progress of our home.  He was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had and when decisions needed to be made and we weren’t sure of the answer, Tim’s expertise guided us.  Once constructed started, Tim created a calendar for us to follow so we could track each phase of the process.

Tim runs a tight ship.  He was always at our home during construction making sure every phase was completed to his high standards.  As a result, our new home was built to the quality we expected and everything we dreamed it would be.  We would highly recommend Tim Doreen, South Mountain builders.  If for some reason, we would ever build another home, I would definitely call Tim.

Mr. and Mrs. Shank

Shank House- Middletown, MD -2017