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August 8, 2018

South Mountain Builders

9710 Mt. Tabor Road

Middleton,Maryland 21769

RE: Schroeder House

Dear Tim:

My wife Kris and I would like to thank your team, your family and especially you personally for

building our house. As it has been 10 months since we moved in, I can tell you that we have

enjoyed every day of living in the home that you built.

As an award winning architect who has been working in Frederik County for over 30 years, I had

the opportunity to have any builder build my home. My wife and I are certain after being here for

10 months that we absolutely made the right choice by having South Mountain Builders as our

“home” builder.

Introducing my wife to multiple builders was an important aspect of the process. While visiting

the homes that you had under construction we were impressed with the care that was taken in

building those homes. The simple things that separated South Mountain Builders from other

builders was the level of professionalism. The jobsites were always clean, free of debris and kept

in a manner similar to the way you would keep it yourself. That certainly shows respect for the

homeowner, the process as well as the team that is building the home. Quality subcontractors,

materials and suppliers were all integral parts of the team. The fact that you brought your family

out to see the house shows there is pride in the building you do. Those are qualities that I see

absent from jobsites on a daily basis.

What impressed me the most in the process was the “building system” you have. Most builders

have a spread sheet and calendar. Their allowances are based upon previous homes and 6 to 8

months later you move in with lots of cost overages. As you are aware, we priced out our

allowances with your suppliers prior to signing the contract. Your numbers were spot on. You

took the time to listen to what we wanted and provided us with allowances to get exactly what we

wanted – at no additional cost. You provided us with an on-line calendar that was updated weekly

and delivered our home in 3 ½ months! Your team was able to get us into our house on the day

you told us when we started. Include the fact that date was the week before Thanksgiving and

the word unbelievable comes to mind. Having the holidays in the new house was incredible.

We love our home and have you to thank for it.

With best regards,

Roger L. Schroeder, A.I.A.