With all due respect to the Construction Profession, most of us have dealt with a less than perfect experience when it comes to having something built or even a remodeling experience.  That will not be the case with South Mountain Builders.    Tim Doreen is a total professional….from the initial contact to the final walk through.


Specifically, these are the things we experienced.   Tim listened to what we wanted and then took the time to properly estimate the cost of our building project.  The proposal was professionally prepared and very detailed as to our requests.   Tim then posted a calendar on-line as to what would happen and when it would happen.  And wonder of wonders, each phase of the construction process occurred as per the schedule.  Amazing!…I’ve never seen that before.  Tim visited our job site often and always showed up with each new subcontractor to assure that the subcontractor knew what had to be done and was doing his job properly.   The entire project from breaking ground to planting grass went exactly as planned.


I highly recommend Tim and South Mountain Builders….This is the  way a construction company should be run.   Other contractors should be taking lessons from Tim.  Thanks again Tim, we really appreciate what you did.